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Дилерская сеть
Dealers and regional representatives play an important role in spreading ODESD2 ideas worldwide.
We appreciate the time that our dealers devote training their staff for the most successful presentation of ODESD2 production. Our team carries out regular market research, so that products are always actual for the consumer. We care about the quality of goods, so we use the best materials and technologies in the production.
If you see yourself as our dealer or agent in your region - please fill in the form below and ODESD2 representative will contact you in the shortest terms.
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From the presentation of new objects till winning the competition and publications in the media - we are always happy to share actual news. You can learn about the bureau activities on the  "Chronicle" page.
You can subscribe to our newsletter and receive information about the bureau news. You can also ask for comments or additional materials for your publications.
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Design bureau ODESD2 is open to cooperation with suppliers of materials and technologies for optimizing production processes.
If you are interested in working with a modern company and provide a quality product - please fill in the form below and ODESD2 representative will contact you in the shortest terms.

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Jobs in bureau 

Jobs in bureau

Caring for the team, favorable conditions of work and development of skills of each employee — these are values that we pay most attention to. We are looking for like-minded people who have ideas and a desire to develop the sphere of Ukrainian industrial design.
If you want to become part of a team office — please send us your application on marked "Jobs in ODESD2".
ODESD2 also carries out regular recruitment of students in design school, each gets an opportunity to produce his objects and join the bureau team. Detailed information about the design school can be found on the page  "About company".
It is important that design bureau is open to cooperation with practicing designers, who have ideas, but can not put them into production. We provide technical specialists and manufacturing facilities for the implementation of designers’ projects.
For cooperation, please contact us on marked “Cooperation with ODESD2”.

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