Open House Odesd2. July 2017


On the 29th of July, the very first meeting Open house ODESD2 took place. The team of our design bureau delivered a series of lectures on different aspects of design bureau work. We talked about creating new designs, available technologies and materials, ergonomics in product design area, financial aspect, presentation of new product and communication with media. The team sheared experience, which was generated during 5 years of work.

Between the lectures, we had three breaks when anyone from the audience could present his own project to ODESD2 team. 13 designers took the opportunity. At the end of the meeting, 19 projects were selected for close discussion and further launch together with ODESD2.

The mission of Open house ODESD2 is to find new projects for design bureau and set a new level of professional communication.

Open house ODESD2 is a periodic event. Next one is going to take place in 3 months.