V1 chairs in the Creative Quarter interior


Creative Quarter (CQ) is a network of creative office spaces located in big business centers in Kiev. The main concept of the network is the creation of offices "on a turn-key basis", which can be rented on flexible terms. Residents can choose one of four monthly tariff plans and get access to a workplace in an open or closed open space, or rent a place in a personal, fully decorated office.

The interior of CQ1, located in BC Gulliver, is designed for a comfortable stay of more than 500 people. For this, there are wall partitions for dividing functional zones, blocks of working tables for teamwork, and a lounge zone for seclusion and rest.

At the reception of CQ1 there are V1 chairs, which allow to meet with potential residents of the space, as well as to be alone with your thoughts or just talk on the phone.

Photo: Dmitry Frolov

Location: Creative Quarter, CQ1 in BC Gulliver.