Furniture by Ukrainian designers in the new video of Sergey Babkin


Kharkov musician, member of the legendary 5'nizza group, Sergey Babkin, released clip for "Probach" song for the new album "#neubivay."

The shooting took place at the National Library named after Vernadsky. The mood of the clip - the nostalgic atmosphere of childhood memories. We noticed the furniture of modern Ukrainian designers in one of the scenes, provided by SALON design shop: Q1 chair by ODESD2, floor lamp Fitments by Levantin Design and Looka candlestick by RUDA manufacture.

Author of the clip - a promising young Ukrainian director Maxim Ksenda. He made short films that have become winners of the Odessa International Film Festival and the "Youth" Film Festival. Some of full length director's movies are in various stages of operation now. The most awaited - a children's fantasy film "Bobot", which became one of the winners of State cinema projects.