ODESD2 furniture in Hobart (Australia)


Two thylacines (Tasmanian tigers/wolves) are depicted on the coat of arms of Tasmania. The island is located 240 km south of the Australian mainland. The weather there is mostly cloudy like in the south of England or in Ireland. We deepen our knowledge about distant lands every time when a new container with furniture departs across the water.

There are V2 sofas, V1 lounge chairs and a few different kinds of tables by ODESD2 in the Government agency of tourism in Tasmania in the city of Hobart.

The client needed to furnish two different spaces in office. They chose special solution for the upholstery of sofas and lounge chairs – red and light green fabrics from Persempra collection by Italvelluti.

“I think now we are going to have to put a time limit on the chairs – they are turning out to be very popular”, jokes Christine from Tourism Tasmania.

Now Tasmania is the furthermost point where we have sent ODESD2 furniture. Some of our colleagues assumed that in that point of the Earth chairs would stand heels over head, but photos showed it wasn’t right.