​Idea hunting


Primal hunters had to be strong, dexterous and needed primitive weapon to succeed in life. Contemporary man reaches equal success at the table in front of hi tech gadget. His weapons are the brain, possibility to find and apply new solutions. Working place play a significant role in this hunting.

New line by Yaroslav Brykailo is universal office furniture. You can combine different pieces of furniture because of their proportions. Also they can be used to space zoning.

"The idea came from desire to furnish my own home office. I spend a lot of time in front of computer. Sometimes I have to work with big drawings and sketches. So I need a big table" – the designer tells.

First 2 models of the "Spear" line are Sp1 Table and Sp2 Commode. Shelves and bedsides will be launch soon.

Aluminum frame makes constructions strong and reliable. Special accent of all models is the recognizable cut on wooden legs. This detail emphasizes a beauty of the natural wood.