Mixing styles


Synergy of two architectural directions - constructivism and modernism - is the basis of A series aesthetics. The strictness of forms, monolithic character and geometric lines of the metal reflects methods of constructivism, flowing lines of bent plywood - ideas of modernism. The functionality of construction, based on scientific analysis, is in harmony with artistic and subtle form. The A furniture series loudly declares itself and is worthy to take a key place in the interior, taking the best and most characteristic of each direction.

The A1 chair is the first object in the series, created by our Georgiy Natriadi, our like-minded person.

Construction the chair consists of several elements: vertical frames with embedded metal parts into them, which carry function of the ribs and form a silhouette of the chair and the seat and backrest, firmly enshrined by them. Solid steel base is integral with thin armrests and forms a stable base. The back and seat are made of bent plywood: the bends allow to accommodate comfortably on a chair for work or leisure.