ODESD2 x Fursa


Modern product design is an experiment where there is a place for play with functionality and synthesis of the arts. Music, sculpture and painting blend well with items such as furniture. The ODESD2 x Fursa сapsule сollection is the result of a collaboration between ODESD2 and artist Oksana Fursa. The bright prints, based on the artist's paintings, add authenticity to contemporary design products and reminiscent of the decorative arts and crafts of ancient times.

The natural motifs of the "Apple", "Tulips", "Poppies" and "Winter" paintings found their place on the chairs and sofas created by designers Kateryna Lisakovich, Svyatoslav Zbroy and Vyacheslav Balbek. Totally different colors of the paintings and the unique furniture prove that traditional ornaments can be successfully combined with the most modern forms.

The most famous series of paintings by Oksana Fursa, Patchwork: Wild Animals, is presented by prints "Wonder Bull" and "Jarylo". The style of the flap sewing and the combination of several bright spots perfectly fit the chair by Nikita Bukoros and the chairs by Svyatoslav Zbroy.

The ODESD2 x Fursa series with prints by the artist is made in limited quantity and is presented at Oksana Fursa's # Aurum personal exhibition.

Exhibition dates: January 16 - February 16, 2020.

Venue: Taras Shevchenko National Museum.