BUKAbar & night club - a new reason to visit Bukovel


The ability to supplement natural wealth with thought-out infrastructure is a guarantee of success for the resort. If tourists come to rest in the mountains not only at the active ski season, but also at other times of the year, it is often an achievement of quality service. General impression from the rest consists of beautiful interiors, delicious food, affable and qualified staff. All of this remains in the memory somewhere close to spectacular views from the mountain top.

It is all ok with interiors and service in the largest and the most modern Ukrainian resort complex Bukovel. The updated BUKAbar & night club was opened there not long ago.

Designer Lyubov Ryabchuk had to build a modern and comfortable interior for evening and night rest. The active bar zone and a relaxing lounge area are located in a room of 300 m2. Most of the furniture that is used in the project is Ukrainian-made. N5 bar tables by ODESD2 coexist with chairs by Levantin Design studio. Comfortable place for communication is provided with V1 and Q1 lounge chairs and sofas from the Home Ideas Supply company. Opened air ducts and concrete surfaces emphasize overall style of urban loft. Wall graffiti by young Ukrainian artists became a color accent.