Our chairs, stools and tables in the interior of the fitness centre «Palestra»


Architectural bureau S&T Architects has presented a new object - a fitness centre at the river embankment in Kyiv. The fitness centre occupies 1000 sq m.

The interior consist of not only sport area (gym, exercise room and locker room) but also functional area (hall, reception and a restaurant). Authors of the project Dmyto Sivak and Artem Trygubchak had chosen eclectic furniture in contemporary style. V1 chairs and N2 coffee table belong to the reception zone, C5 stools and N4 tables are allocated to the restaurant.

The conception of the public place is based on the idea of sport without overextension. Sporting in "Palestra" gym will fit harmoniously into the pace of life of modern people. For a Palestra’s client fitness is a healthy habit. It's good for mind and for body shape. The lounge zone of the gym is no worse than in a solid cafe or a restaurant.