Sit, lay, construct


i series was inspired by a fat strapped travel suitcase.

Bags and suitcases became popular in mid XIX century. It was an era of steam rail transport and people started to travel more often. Trunks and bales were the predecessors of modern suitcases.

Iryna Bilokonska hybridized a suitcase with a sofa and got a sort of design oxymoron as a result. And due to this union the sofa got more dynamic structure. It is a professional debut for Iryna Bilokonska in industrial design. She created her first object – the i series – while completing a design internship in design bureau ODESD2.

A rectangular resilient cushion is the basic element of the modular set. The cushion is strapped up with ribbon belts, which are decorative and functional at the same time. Metal mounting straps connect and fix the cushions together. In such a way, it is possible to build a sofa of the necessary size.

The trick of the modular construction is its variability. Depending on the needs of a particular interior, it is possible to use the system of cushions to set up different zones. You can use one element as a pouf or an ottoman, or combine two cushions to create a small couch for the living room. You can put several cushions in a vertical position to create the back of a seat. You can add a “level” to gain appropriate height of a sofa. All you have to do is to fix the construction with the help of the metal bracings, located on the ribbon belts.