We hope you are safe in this unstable time. Our hearts are with all the people from the United States to Australia, from Japan back to the heart of Ukraine. We believe that soon we will all be able to hug the dearest, to visit the places we have long dreamed of. But for now, our main task is to stay at home.

From today and till the end of quarantine ODESD2 team members are working from homes. Our production facilities are still working to fulfil obligations to clients. We’ve changed employees schedule, workers with symptoms of flu or colds are not allowed to work. We hope to maintain such a pace of work as long as possible in order to provide products to those regions of the world that continue to actively conduct business.

Now the moment has come when each of us can influence the situation. Let's change it for the better together.

Photo by Ivan Avdeenko photography

Stylist: Olha Kleitman

Location and idea: Svoyeridne Show-room