Takava Coffee-Buffet


On April 12, the official opening of Takava Coffee-Buffet, the second coffee shop of the same-name network, took place. The first Takava was opened on summer 2017. Takava is a joint project of entrepreneurs Ervin Memetov and Bekir Suleymanov.

The concept of a café is based on a specialty coffee of own roasting, author cocktails and parties. In addition, the new Takava has a full kitchen, which cooks breakfasts all day. The coffee house got a spacious location, with a laconic interior designed by architects brothers Yudiny. Noble materials, such as concrete, copper, and wood, are used to cover walls and floors, racks, and decor.

In Takava Coffee-Buffet there are about a hundred seats of various heights. The architects have chosen C5 bar stools, as well as C2 chairs from the design bureau ODESD2 for them.

Photo: Uliana Vinichuk