The beauty space


About 30 minutes a day, 2,5 hours a week, 10 hours a month, 5 days a year. This is the time the average woman spends in front of the mirror. Even if a cozy vanity table won’t speed up the makeup process, it will certainly make it more comfortable.

Vanity table was a privilege of the rich or bohemian women a hundred years ago. Others didn’t use cosmetics and spent their life near the kitchen table. Nowadays a comfortable place for applying makeup is much more popular. This is an important detail of every woman’s personal space. Though the pace of life often prompts us to close the tabletop with a mirror, put a laptop on the table, and work for an hour before starting to do winged eyeliner.

Karina Madzari created her first W series model during the professional internship at the ODESD2 design bureau.

The W1 vanity table is a laconic construction with a rectangular mirror and a spacious drawer with an organizer.

You can adjust the mirror by moving it back and forth along the rail. A well-designed organizer with departments of various sizes can accommodate a lot of small items. Four sections are located directly below the mirror. So that all the cosmetics and accessories are easy to access. Just close the drawer, and the table will be in perfect order.

Put down the mirror, and the vanity table will transform into a work desk.

The table-legs are made of metal pipe and are painted white. The bottoms are made of solid ash. Material of a tabletop, a drawer and an organizer is oak veneered plywood.