Gentle hugs


Remember the time when you felt most protected. Whether it was your mother’s arms, or a shelter in a tree house, or your favorite old chair under a tall floor lamp. Remember the warmth that filled you from top of your head to fingertips. You felt safe. You felt comfortable. You felt right.

The Wing lounge chair is brining you back in those times, but gives you elegant design and reliable materials. The aesthetics of the chair refer us to the design of the 40s and 50s, when designers experimented with molded plywood, giving it intricate shapes and new meanings. The designer of the Wing series, Kateryna Lisakovich, wanted to create such a series of furniture in which material is key in shaping both the form and the function.

The main role in the chair is assigned to plywood, its plasticity and beauty of the pattern. The lines are simple and clean, and the fasteners are deliberately hidden from sight. The soft back contour seems to invite into the arms, but the strong deep base of the seat disciplines and balances the entire composition.

Three cushions are also in balance: elastic for seating, soft for back and a little one for use in any variations. So whether you decide to enjoy your favorite book alone or new movie with your beloved — you’ll feel comfortable. Because this lounge chair will literally take you under the wing!