Known variables


In the 17th century René Descartes proposed using x, y, z to designate unknown variable parameters in his work Geometry. He did not explain his choice, and more than one historian tried unsuccessfully to find this explanation. But we seem to have succeeded.

The X modular system is a set of elements that can be used both individually and as part of a set. The variables in this system took several values: there are short and long shelves, high and low commodes. With their help, any task on arranging the storage area, library or workspace will be solved.

According to the style of the X series, the shelves and commodes are made of steel, painted with structural polymer powder paint. This coating allows the furniture to serve longer, and also makes it possible to paint it in any color. The edges of the shelves are specially rounded and have sides so that their use is as safe as possible.

In life, as in mathematics: sooner or later everything must be brought to order. And if it's time for you to organize your home or work space - use all the options of the modular system X!