BROCARD Niche Bar (Lviv)

BROCARD Niche Bar (Lviv) ua

Contract Division

As a design bureau we offer different solutions in product and interior design. From a simple furniture placement to interior design with visualisations and blueprints - our goal is to provide high quality service. Just like our furniture is.

Tell us more about your project needs. Whether it is an office or a private house - we have prepared offers for all kinds of premises. Leave a request to get a quotation.

NoodleMan Ramen bar

NoodleMan Ramen bar ua

by JK Lab Architects

Creative Quarter

Creative Quarter ua

VODA day&night club

VODA day&night club ua

by Lyubov Ryabchuk

Private house in Kyiv

Private house in Kyiv ua

by Oksana Dolgopiatova

Levitation office

Levitation office ua

by INCUBE studio, Aleksey Sherbachev



by Nika Vorotyntseva, Dmytro Potyomkin, Tetyana Kravchuk

CityLife Shopping District

CityLife Shopping District it

by Zaha Hadid Architects

BUKAbar & night club

BUKAbar & night club ua

by Lyubov Ryabchuk

Private interior by Vesna Design Group

Private interior by Vesna Design Group ua

by Vesna Design Group

Apartment with the deer

Apartment with the deer ua

by Alena Yudina

Government agency of tourism (Tasmania)

Government agency of tourism (Tasmania) au

BROCARD Niche Bar (Kyiv)

BROCARD Niche Bar (Kyiv) ua

by RD5 Studio

Offshore Bar

Offshore Bar ru

by It is the mind, Dmitry Antonov


fooodcafe ru

by Shar project


Archimatika ua

by Slava Balbek, Andrew Berezynsky, Anastasia Marchenko

Office by IN UNIQUE

Office by IN UNIQUE ua

by Tatyana Dovgal

Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

Moon Palace Jamaica Grande ja

Playrix Zagrava games office

Playrix Zagrava games office ua

by Rak Olena, Sirak Victoria, Khrapko Kateryna, Molchanov Konstantin, Rak Sergey


Bursa ua

by balbek bureau

Grape office

Grape office ua


Interior by SVITLOTIN’

Interior by SVITLOTIN’ ua



Halo qatar

by fortytwelve

FFU Production

FFU Production ua

by Module 5

Private house

Private house ua

by Oksana Bragina

Raiffeisen bank

Raiffeisen bank ua

by Natalia Karyakina


ZLT ua

by Yuriy Khlop, Irina Karpenko


4CITY ua

by Slava Balbek, Daria Ovechenko, Nata Kurilenko

Apartment by Vasiagina

Apartment by Vasiagina ua

by Inna Vasiagina

Private house in Kharkiv

Private house in Kharkiv ua

by Irina Svirinovskaya

CUBE office

CUBE office ua

by Svoya Studio

Interior by TrebaDesign

Interior by TrebaDesign ua

by TrebaDesign, Sergey Lokotkov, Ann Monaxova

Amo Media office

Amo Media office ua

by Olga Sorokina, Yana Vesnina, Vadim Avdeiko



by Slava Balbek, Nadya Chabannaya

Herring Bar

Herring Bar ua

by Kate Lopatyuk

Private interior in Kyiv

Private interior in Kyiv ua

by Tatyana Rogoza


SBT-Human fr

Sky Bank

Sky Bank ua

by MAAR group, Altis-Project

Four textures

Four textures ua

by Bondarenko design

Les Dunes

Les Dunes fr

Apartment with birds

Apartment with birds ua

by Alyona Yudina


Ciklum ua

BROCARD Niche Bar (Odesa)

BROCARD Niche Bar (Odesa) ua

Interior by Home Design studio

Interior by Home Design studio ua

by Home Design studio

Takava Coffee-Buffet

Takava Coffee-Buffet ua

by Yudin design

Progress English School

Progress English School ua

by ATOM design studio

Modern apartment in Kyiv

Modern apartment in Kyiv ua

by Nastia Landusheva

Village Fam House

Village Fam House ua

by Elena Sedova

ACworks Co.,Ltd.

ACworks Co.,Ltd.


Palestra ua

by S&T Architects