ODESD2 furniture in the interior of a private house


Architect Oksana Dolgopiatova presented the interior of a private house in a town Mihaylivka-Rubegovka near Kyiv. The interior demonstrates a rich harmony of surfaces, materials, colours and objects. It has an impressive mood and all details are cleverly composed. Every zone has one key element like a colour spot, a complicated surface, a decorative accent or a furniture element. The house is pretty large which makes it similar to a museum where you can spend several hours observing all interior solutions and decorative approaches.

E13 commode, E4 bar stools, O12 commode and Q1 lounge chairs with Q2 ottomans with customized upholstery stand in different areas of the home.

Architecture Vladimir Musienko

Design Oksana Dolgopiatova

Photo Andrey Bezuglov